Thursday, May 26, 2016

Epic Orchestra for Apple TV - Dev Blog 1

The release of Epic Orchestra for Apple TV is set for June 8th! I thought I'd share the story of how this app came to be.

When Apple TV was announced in Nov. 2015, I shifted all my focus to creating apps for the TV. It was so cool! I grew up playing the NES and this felt like I was creating content for a home console. I created 3 apps at launch but they were quick and easy ports. I wanted to make something designed specifically for Apple TV. 

I had the idea of creating Epic Orchestra to combine my two passions: music and retro games. With the Siri Remote it was only natural to make a swipe or tap game. The project quickly ballooned as I added more levels and powers-ups. By the end of the project, I had created an entire classical music album (this didn't occur to me until yesterday).

In the first month of development I demoed the app at an Apple TV Tech Talk in Austin, TX. I just revisited that build and boy has it changed. Here are some before and after shots.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading and I hope you get a chance to play Epic Orchestra on June 8th!


Monday, January 25, 2016

Moby Pixel's Goals for 2016

Hello World!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I thought that since this is the start of a new year I'd share some of my goals for 2016.

Currently Projects:
• A new Apple TV game called Epic Orchestra (more on this later)
• Rebranding Mad Calf Apps as Moby Pixel (
• Updating and maintaining iOS & Android radio apps

Future Projects:
• Updating iOS music apps including Pedal Steel, Guitar, Ukulele and More!
• Making Google Cardboard VR cart game
• Youtube app review series (

• Release the above mentioned apps
• Update my existing catalog of apps
• Rebrand as Moby Pixel

I'm really excited to get these projects under way. I hope to revisit this post later to see how it goes. Good luck to you in your adventures!

Thanks for Reading,