Saturday, January 21, 2012

iOS 5 Update

This app supports all versions of iOS except version 5.0.0. If your device is running on iOS 5, update to version 5.0.1 or later. Also works on older iOS versions 4.2 or later. 

  If you downloaded a Mad Calf Apps' music app lately you may see this message above in the description.  With each major change to the Apple operating system they mess something up!  After hearing that a user had problems getting an app to run on their new iPad 2 I ran out and bought one to test it for myself (i already have an iPad 1).  What did I find....  It works fine on the new iPad 2 I just bought.  The problem was that Apple 5.0.0 has an audio bug that caused my apps to not play the audio.  The problem was fixed by version 5.0.1 but it cost me the price of going out and buying another iPad to figure it out!  Sheeesh!  

If you are having issues update to the latest iOS.    

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