Monday, January 9, 2012

"A Talk Radio" Stations

--Most Popular-- 

   NPR Program

   C-SPAN Radio

   ESPN 980

   WETS NPR & Public Radio
   Intersections: American University Radio - Tech

--Speciality Talk--

   Domain Traffic Media
   News 88.9 KNPR


--Tech Talk-- - Tech

   NPR Network

   VS. the World Radio - Geek Radio

--Comedy-- Goon Show

   181.FM - Comedy Club

   Comedy104 - 1 Rated Comedy Station

   Demented Radio - Comedy

   No Holds Barred Radio Network

--Radio Personalities--

   Katherine Albrecht Show

   Alex Jones

   Talkradio 600 WBOB

   Doc Love Show

   Jim Browns Common Sense

--Classic Radio Theater--

   WKSU - NPR. Classical. Other Smart Stuff

   20th Century Radio - Old Time Radio

--Sports Talk--

   ESPN 980

   Tennessee Sports Radio Radio

   Sports 620 KTAR

   CBS Sports Radio 1660

   KNBR 680

   Nashville Sports - The Zone

   WJOX - Birmingham's Sports Authority

   WNML - Knox Sports Animal

   92.3 The Fan - Cleveland

   95.7 The Game - The Bay Area

   97.1 The Ticket

   97.5 The Fanatic - Philly's Sports

   The Sports Hub - Boston Sports

   670 The Score

--Wellness Radio--

   Easy Organic Gardener


--News & Talk--

   Money Talk  KSBN - AM 1230

   Opie and Anthony show

   Crime and Suspense - ROK C Radio - OTR

   Access America

   ESPN 1490AM

   American University Radio Ch.1

   American University Radio Ch.2

   WUSF 89.7 NPR, Classic & Jazz

   WETS-FM/HD1 News & Talk

   C-SPAN Radio

   Capital Public Radio

   20th Century Radio - Old Time Radio

   Talkradio 600 WBOB

   Colorado Public Radio

   Rick & Bubba Show

   Genesis Comm Network (GCN)

   Hear Philly

   KALW San Francisco

   KCRW World News

   WKSU - NPR. Classical. Other Smart Stuff.


   WETS NPR & Public Radio

   NPR Program

   Power Hour

   KERA - NPR News & Information

   Oregon Public Broadcasting

   WAMU 88.5: American University Radio

   Intersections: American University Radio

   KUOW: Puget Sound Public Radio/ NPR

   KPCC: Southern California Public Radio

   Weta: Classical

   WUSF 89.7 NPR Tampa / St. Petersburg / Sarasota, Classic & Jazz

   British Comedy Channel

   WUSF 89.7 U of South Florida

   KQED 88.5 Public Media N. California/npr

   KERA - NPR Northern Texas

   KALW San Francisco Public Radio/ NPR


   AFM Astronomy.FM

   Rick & Bubba Show

   NPR News


  1. Twit hasn't worked/played for past 2-3 days.

  2. Twit hasn't worked/played for past 2-3 days.

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  4. Plays for about 5 to 10 minutes just quit playing

  5. Please add our all talk community radio station www.